We held a dedication ceremony for the shade structure sponsored by the IAD at Boone Meadow Elementary. The ceremony was well attended by over 50 people including parents, teachers, the superintendent of the school system, AAD staff, and 6 Indiana dermatologists!

The ceremony went well and it was great to see the finished product. The school raised funds to pour a concrete slab under the structure and place large picnic tables that allow maximum use of the structure. Previously the school had no meaningful shade. Now the shaded space is used not only as a break for students at recess, but also as an outdoor classroom setting, and a picnic area for families utilizing the playground over the weekend.  

Special thanks to IAD member dermatologists Ginat Mirowski, Chris Obeime, Hannah Huddleston, Chris Nebesio, and Melanie Kingsley for attending the ceremony. It was great to see members come celebrate the IAD fulfilling our mission of advocating for our patients, our community, and our specialty!

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Shade Structure Dedication