Dr. Carrie Davis (left), Dr. Cecelia Schmalbach (center), Dr. Drew Anderson (right)

From left:  Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Todd Nebesio (speaker), Dr. Drew Anderson

Kris Hess, MD, Marc Frost, MD

The Indiana Academy of Dermatology would like to thank our speakers, Whitney High, Melissa Piliang, and Marc Frost; the residents and faculty of the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Dermatology; our sponsors, and our administrator Rhonda Bennett for helping to make our meeting a success!

Dr. Tara Harris (right)

From left: Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Anita Haggstrom (speaker), Dr. Drew Anderson

From left: Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Dirk Elston (speaker), Dr. Drew Anderson

IAD Spring 2017 Meeting

Fall 2016 IAD Meeting

Thank you to our Fall 2016 Meeting Sponsors:
Castle BioSciences, Inc
PruGen Pharmaceuticals


Spring 2018 Meeting

Melissa Piliang, MD and Carrie Davis, MD

Whitney High, MD, JD

IAD members heard from several experts in their fields. Thank you to our speakers Dr. Seemal Desai, Dr. Stephen  Wolverton, Dr. Tara Harris, Dr. Raj Vuppalanchi, and the IU Dermatology residents.

From left, Dr. Richard Fried, Dr. Drew Anderson, Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Sabra Sullivan, Ms. Leslie Stein Lloyd, JD

Dr. Leslie Fecher (center)

From left: Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Raj Vuppalanchi, Dr. Seemal Desai, Dr. Drew Anderson, Dr. Stephen Wolverton.

IAD Fall 2018 Meeting

Fall 2017 Meeting

IAD members heard from three experts in their fields. Thank you to our guest speakers Dr. Thomas Stasko, Dr. Leslie Fecher, and Dr. Lawrence Mark.

​IAD Fall 2019 Meeting

Conrad Hotel

Friday, Nov 1, 2019

​More details to come!

IAD Spring 2020 Meeting

May 8, 2020

​*If you are a Dermatologist, Dermatology PA, Dermatology NP, or vendor and wish to attend or exhibit at our meeting, please contact our administrator, Rhonda Bennett at rbennett@ismanet.org or 317-261-2060.

“Please note the deadline for attendee and exhibitor registration

for the Fall IAD meeting is October 7, 2019.