The series, to be held annually during February or March bridging Black History Month and Women’s History Month, will explore how the intersections of race and gender affect academic medicine and the health sciences professions.

C. William Hanke, MD, FAAD

In recognition of your significant contributions and dedication to the development of the guidelines for the use of local anesthesia in office-based dermatologic surgery.

Michael Sheehan, MD

Awarded for work in the society including chairing several committees, spear heading the new website for the ACDS, and helping to oversee the contact allergen management program

The Indiana Academy of Dermatology is the recipient of an AADA 2017 Model State Award with Special Recognition for Legislative Achievement and in Wild Card Category for Bylaws.

Dermatologist Dr. Richard Storm is inducted into the Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Dr. Hanke, Dr. Gerstein, and Dr. Sheehan on their 2016 Presidential Citation Awards.

Dr. Richard M. Storm

A. David Gerstein, MD, FAAD

In recognition of your many years of service representing our specialty and the AADA and how instrumental you were in accomplishing the passage of the step therapy bill which you testified on several times before the Indiana legislature.

Dr. C. William Hanke (left), Dr. A. David Gerstein (center), Dr. Michael Sheehan

Volunteer of the Year
Dr. Patrick Logan

Since 1969, Dr. Logan has taught medical students and residents. He and his wife have done 9 overseas mission trips in Kenya and Honduras where he made many friends and treated many grateful patients.  Additionally, Dr. Logan has provided free care at Good News ministries in inner city Indianapolis.  He says he enjoys giving his time to teaching and service and all these activities have made him a better person and physician.  We thank Dr. Logan for his years of service and congratulate him as the Indiana Academy of Dermatology’s first Volunteer of the Year awardee.

Dr. Patricia Treadwell Women in Medicine Series

Dr. Patrick Logan

member achiEvements

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia Treadwell in being honored with a named Women in Medicine Series.

Dr. Richard M. Storm was inducted into the Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame on November 3, 2017. Dr. Storm enlisted in the U.S. Army and attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. 2LT Storm attended Rotary Wing Flight School and served in the Republic of Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Medical Corps. While serving in Vietnam as a 1LT, Dr. Storm distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous action on 3 September 1969 during an extraction mission for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Dr. Richard Storm was also awarded the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and a second Distinguished Flying Cross for action seven months later and, additionally, numerous service and campaign medals.

To learn more about Dr. Storm and other 2017 inductees, click here. Thank you for your courage and service, Dr. Storm!